About H.A.C.


I love crafting, DIY, knitting, all that business. I’m not even bothered when a rogue glitter storm covers all my furniture. But when I looked at other blogs and sites for ideas, I tended to see an array of perfect pictures in brightly lit, clean, white homes. They were images of a impeccably done project, with no mess and not a googly eye out of place.

Though I’m happy for all the people with their clean, white blogs (I wish I could keep all my projects that tidy and that my apartment was always filled with golden light and well placed vases), that’s not me. I’m way more Martha Raye than Martha Stewart. A lot of my projects come out looking like garbage, or as if a 4 year old with an eye patch made it. But no matter what my projects look like, it makes me happy! It feels good to make something, even if it is on the janky side. And it doesn’t always turn out like a pile of bat crap, sometimes my stuff is great!

Here’s a website for anyone who wants to try something new or branch out their craft skills beyond adult coloring books. I’ll post pictures of my projects, no matter how lame they may be. And you better believe there’ll be sarcasm and Simpsons quotes.

Hopefully my many failures and smart ass ways will inspire others to enjoy the delights of crafting without the pressure of being perfect.

Thanks and have a lovely day!

-Amber Petty