Wanna Knit? Here’s Where to Start!

Before we get into learning about the basic knitting supplies to need to get started, I just want to share that as you read this, I’ll be in Disneyland. Does that have any bearing on this post? No way, just wanted to brag about living in LA and getting to go to Disneyland on a random weekday. Now, if you’re reading this anytime after the original posting date, I may not actually be in Disneyland, but feel free to picture me there frolicking about in the Happiest Place on Earth.

But back to knitting. As you know, I like to knit. I think it’s a calming, almost meditative activity. Then, you get a scarf, hat, or weird piece of knotted up fabric to call your own.

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Where Do I Begin? – Cheap Crafting Necessities to Get You Started

Me, Amber Petty via 5th grade. Too cool for school.

Since this new year is just beginning and Donald Trump has yet to outlaw creativity and self expression, it seems like a great time to go over some crafting basics. When you browse through blogs and Pinterest, it looks like you need a million different scissors, types of paper, and an endless supply of Mod Podge. But you don’t!

These basics will prepare you for drawing, paper crafts, making home decor, and any basic craft emergencies that come your way. By stocking up on these little crafting gems, you’ll be able to make something fun at the drop of a hat. Cause when hats drop, you gotta get crafting.

Here’s my list of great, cheap basics to have around, then a couple of bonus items to get if you feel like treating yourself.


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We’re Back! Craft Time, Commence!

Holy Moly! It’s a new year which means it’s time for more Half-Assed Crafts.

I’m sure you missed the blog terribly. What you did without me over the holidays, I simply can’t imagine.

But don’t worry, cause this blog is back in action. For real this time.

You’ll get posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, plus bonus posts if you’re lucky.

I’ve got a lot of crafts in mind already, but if there’s anything special you’d like me to do or write about, let me know. Since this is just beginning, you have a very good chance of hearing from me personally. So, get in on this before my fans could fill stadiums with their size!

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Luminaries! Keep Your Porch Light as Your Pumpkins Decay

camerafiend at wikipedia

Well, Halloween is over and I won’t be completely annoying and start doing Christmas stuff yet. Though that will begin promptly on December 1st, so mark your calendars for your dreams or nightmares to begin.

Though there will be a couple of Thanksgiving crafts this month, mostly November is a time for general autumnal projects.

Fall is my favorite season, but now I live in LA where there is only hot season, pilot season, and season of actors despair (the time following pilot season). So, to remind myself that I don’t live in a world that time forgot, I celebrate fall crafting!

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Carve a Pumpkin! Do It, I Say!

Pumpkin Carving! You don’t have to be a kid to carve pumpkins, it’s fun and a chance to use your urge to stab for good instead of evil.

Every year I carve pumpkins with friends and every year I manage to be baffled that they haven’t carved a pumpkin in years. Some people have never carved pumpkins! What is the world coming to?!

I think a lot of people see carving as a messy hassle and though it is a mess and you will get pumpkin guts all over your hands,┬áit’s really not that hard. Plus, how often do you get to express your art through gourds?

So, here’s a simple guide to carving pumpkins. It’s not too late! Carve one today and give something for neighborhood hooligans to smash this Halloween.

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G-G-G-Knitting!!! Hanging Ghosts Two Ways


Now, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. I didn’t mean that to come off so threatening, I just meant one of the hanging ghosts is super easy and this other is a little more time consuming.

This blog is going to mostly feature stuff that is easy to do, but occasionally I might get fancy. Knitting is one of my fancy things.

I didn’t grow up knitting or learn it from my Grandma, I taught myself through Youtube videos at 26. A much less heartwarming story. My point it, knitting isn’t actually that hard, it just takes time. At first, it can be extremely frustrating like you’ve lost all hand-eye coordination. And your first scarf may look like a tangled mess that got run over by a horse and carriage before it got in the gift bag. But it gets easier.

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Garlands II: Ghost Edition

Ghosts are cute as all hell. You may think, Amber, ghosts are the souls of the dead coming back to haunt and torment the living. Well, if you put a bowler hat on even the most demonic of ghosts, that ghost is going to be cute.


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